Megan Fox And Brian Austin Confirmed Reconciliation And Getting Back Together


Megan Fox spotted cozying with her estrange husband Brian Austin had confirmed their reconciliation after the couple were spotted in Hawaii looking affectionate in their vacations.


The couple seen on Hawaii beach spotted together as the parents of two children held hands and wandered along the beach depicts the reconciliation. However, couple showed their united front ever since third pregnancy of Megan Fox broke.

At one point in the couple time togetherness, the 42 years-old actor caressing is beautiful wife when she got a baby bump third time and the 29-years-old actress Megan Fox photos with a visible baby bump had gone viral on the internet social media side twitter, immediately raised questions by twitterati, who is the father of baby, when she posed her appearance with baby bump.


While the transformers actress Megan Fox filed divorce from her estrange husband Brian Austin in August last year, when twitterati questioned about her third time pregnancy, she replied with revealing a fact that the father of the third one is none other than Brian Austin as the couple spotted together in multiple occasion.

Another statement by couple come in views, the twosome focusing on growth of their children and not have any plan for getting divorce soon.

During their vacation, the couple spotted on Hawaii and enjoying with their hand in hand stroll, Megan Fox, who wanted divorce showed off her baby bump visibly as she wearing black bikini alongside with her husband, who ever seen to convince her featured third-child mother.


The couple has two Childs already named Noah and the second one as Bodhi.

A year ago in June, 29 years-old actress Megan Fox announced her separation from her 42 years-old husband Brian Austin when the couple shared their 5 years of marriage.