Metropolitan Opera 2016 – Review: It Is Not Enough To Overcome The Poor Direction, Vittorio Grigolo


The Big Star of World with Singing Vittorio Grigolo which is also a great Star of Opera world asked that it is not enough to overcome the poor direction and he also asked that if great singing is a great interact then Elisir d’Amore will provide it better.


Vittorio Grigolo is unquestionably one of the big superstars of the opera world because he start singing in his early age of just 4 years and performed on stage at the age of 13 years with Pavarotti and by his great singing he was given the name of 2nd Pavarotti and after five years he also joined Vienna Opera Company.

His success continued when he released his first solo album in 2006 and it become one of the most successful albums of the year with top ten ranking in UK pop chart.

The best qualities which have been in this are that in recent performance explained that Metro Politan worked in a team to create comedy in life which people wants to enjoy in this era but according to reports it is not still enough to overcome inconsistent direction which is going on over many years because productions are so much confusing.

Grigolo looks so much innocent in his leather jacket which is look like James Dean but his attempts to go more Close to Adina who is looking less pretty and innocent.

Speaking of vocal powers, Grigolo’s were at their best here and indisputably transcended an inconsistent character portrayal that though it must be emphasized that he is a convincing actor through and through.

If bel canto is clear by singing with a extensive palette of colors, then few tenors could maintain to possess the magazine that Grigolo has in this respect.