Mexico Under Attack Of Tropical Storm And Landsliding, 38 People Dead


MEXICO CITY: As other European and American countries Mexico is also suffering from the tropical storms and land sliding as Mexico is being hit by the tropical storm Earl in result of this massive storm 38 people are dead and dozens are missing.


As Earl brings most of the damage in the Southern portion of Mexico as the rain is continuously falling to the river stream are over flowing and bringing floods along with these floods the land is also losing its grip and this cause huge land sliding.

In result of this huge level of destruction 38 peoples have lost their lives and most of the peoples are missing according to a report of dead people 28 peoples have lost their lives in the central Puebla state and according to an estimate 15 of these dead peoples are miners and they all are dead during mining as land lost its place and these all miners are buried under the soil.

On the other side 10 other peoples are dead in the eastern state of Mexico which is Veracruz just due to same reason of land sliding and flood along with dead people many other are also died and mostly are buried under the trash and rescue forces are trying their best to recover the dead bodies.

As the situation is going out from the control of government because all the dams and river streams are over flowing and floods are coming in the different regions and also bring trash with them which destroys the most of the area.

Weather Forecasters also told that storm is not just over another piece of cyclone is coming and it is going to hit the cost of Mexico and the present condition is that the winds are flowing with the speed of 85 KM per hour.