Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Pakistan Embassy In Washington


The First Lady of the United States President Michele Obama suddenly makes a surprise visit to Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC first time, discussed not only current affairs of Pakistan and United States but also on other issues.

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The First lady of United States President Michelle Obama has first time visited the Pakistan Embassy situated in Washington DC to overcome the diplomatic pressure from United States. Reportedly the wife of United States President Barack Obama discussed the Pakistan-U.S. relations and the first lady of United States President comes under light the funds for Pakistani teenager girls as well.

The News of her surprise visit to Pakistan Embassy was revealed when Pakistan’s Ambassador US Jalil Abbas Jilani took twitter to upload crucial moment with Michelle Obama and wrote,

“It was an absolute delight hosting FLOTUS at Pakistan House today,” Although the exact reason for her sudden visit still blur but she proved helpful for Pakistan as she released $ 70 million last year for contribution to the adolescent girls.

Last year aid of Michelle Obama to contribute Pakistani teenager girls showed off her mercy and love to education of girls. This was the first initiative of first lady of United States president Barack Obama; she also came in light the matter of fund for adolescent girls of Pakistan when she made a secret visit to Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC.

The First Lady of United States’ 44th President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Pakistan Embassy at time when the Pakistan relations with United States are strained on account due to drone attack in Pakistan province Balochistan.

In that U.S. drone air strike the leader of Taliban Mullah Akhtar Mansour killed and Pakistan protested against this attack against Barack Obama by quoting the poor case of self defense.