Microsoft Introduce Free App for IOS, Android and Windows For Best Selfie


Selfie is now the trend of our daily routine, Microsoft introduced an App which help you to make extra beautiful your selfie using machine learning more better.


It includes many features to enhance the beauty of your pictures (Selfies).
Selfie now becomes the trend of everyone’s life, our day is incomplete until we share our selfies to social medias.

Not only girls boys are also very conscious about their selfies. From the beginning of the day to the end of the day we make selfie of every moment and share with family and friends on social media.

Microsoft is now helping you to make better your selfie by free app in which app detect your age, gender and background and set selfie according to the environment. By using this app, you can enhance the beauty of your selfie.

This amazing app includes 13 amazing filter features to remove the blur complexions and enhance the colors. There are many options which make your photo auto beautiful like intelligent enhancement make your selfie much better using auto adjustment.

Microsoft’s’ app show your selfie comparisons of before and after by clicking compare button in this app. There are many amazing features in this app to make your selfie much better.

By using different themes in this app, you can make better color, apply filters and also show your skin tone in a better way.

There are also makeup element available in this app so you can choose brushes to apply makeup and another element to apply makeup to your eyes.

So get ready to make your selfie better and share on social media in free of cost by using amazing Microsoft’s app. Now look more beautiful in your selfies and make jealous your friends with your selfies.