Microsoft Surface 4 Release Date, Price, Specification, Camera, Processor


Few years later Microsoft have introduce the surface series these are hybrid of laptop and tablet since not 3 Microsoft surface series are launched these surface series are very popular just because of cheap price and Microsoft offers its users to choose the specifications according to their needs.

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Since now Microsoft surface 3 is available for rupees £419 which is cheaper than Microsoft surface 4 pro. Microsoft surface 4 pro is introduced to give an idea of Microsoft surface 4 which is not launched till now.

Meeting of Microsoft developers held in June 2016 in which there is no discussion about Microsoft surface 4 but the developers decided to launch this Surface 4 they don’t wants to break the chain and wants to introduce it with cheap price which will b affordable by every person.

According to the latest news as Microsoft surface 3 will release on December 2016 after some of its in early months of 2017 Microsoft surface would be released and both are of cheap price and with great qualities but surface 4 will be advanced than surface 3 in all means.

The display of Microsoft surface 3 is 10.8 inches and resolution is of 2736×1824 pixels but the resolution of Microsoft surface 4 pro is 1920×1280 as it is a cheaper device. Microsoft Surface 3 is available in 64 GB memory in Surface 3 Atom x7 chip is used which is very advance technology.

If focus on Microsoft Surface 4 which is the basic issue is coming with 12.3 inches display and developers are trying to introduce more features in the window as Microsoft surface 4 as it will be an up graded version of Window 10.

Microsoft Surface 4 will be better in all means it is coming with C port which means that it will be very this it has 8 MP camera and users are allowed to choose between processors.