Might Be Pokemon Go Hunter App Launch Globally, Benefits And Drawbacks Of Pokemon Go Hunter


New video game is going is too introduced in front of the world which is known as Pokemon Go Hunters till now this app is not now globally introduced this app is designed by the Apple and only available of Apple Play Store till now this app is only launched in Australia New Zealand and in United States.


At the time when this app is launched there are many rumors about this app and International Pokemon designer company said that till now they have no comment or any request to launch this app globely so further there are no roll outs that what the company is going to do.

Pokemon is the famous cartoon series in this cartoon series a boy known as Ash went on the hunt of Pokemon along with his friends and as the series went on its become more interesting and every fan of Pokemon wants to experience that hunt of Pokemons.

After seeing the interest of fans in this cartoon series Apple created an app in which the user of the app can enjoy the real hunt of Pokemon by using their cell phones.

This app use the camera of the smart phone shows the real world and edit that world with pokemons as the users changes its location than the location of Pokemaon also change it seems like that the user is on the real hunt of Pokemons.

As everything or every app has benefits and drawbacks similarly the benefits of this app is that user can lives its dream to be Pokemon hunter.

but the drawback is that while playing the game the whole intention of player is set in the game and he forgets about its surroundings in this way may accidents may happens while the player went on road during playing the game and collapse with a car.