Migrant Boats Capsized Near Greece Beaches, 44 Died Including 17 Children


Athens: Many people of Iraq and other developing countries are trying to enter in Greece by using sea’s way but two boats of these people keel over and almost 44 were died in which 17 innocent children included.


According to a news report, many people of two Muslim countries named Iraq and Syria want to enter in Greece in search of employment along with family members by using sea’s way but lost their lives when two boats drown near beaches in which almost 44 people died.

Greece coast guards told in front of media, first boat was drowned near in Turkish Aegean Coast and 34 people died and 26 took safety from rescue teams.

Second small boat capsized close to Pharma opened coast and 10 were drowned. In those days, many countries faced civil war that’s why people of these states try to voyage other developed regions.

Every year, hundreds people caught by Greece coast guards and shifted to jail in result of using wrong way of entry. The best thing is that mostly owners of travel agencies involved in that severe cases because firstly, they gave the lure of jobs to people of developing countries and then select the way of Ocean waves.

The big international organization for migration presented a report in front of media in which almost 900 Immigrants used that root of journey for the purpose of enter in Greece and all of these lost their lives. Few days back, American Government also gave orders to security enterprises to take over all illegal settlers.

Large number of people entered in Europe by using ocean’s way and all security forces failed to decrease that quantity. Above 30 thousands population shifted to all United States in first month of every year and these people also make dealing with coast’s guards.