Migrants Boat Drowned off near Turkish Coast, 9 Dead Including 2 Children


A new boat sinking accident occurred near Turkish coast in which 9 people two of them children drown off, these were trying to enter in European states.


According to a foreign news report, migrant’s boat sinking cases also increased in Turkey, many people also want to get better chances of employment in other countries. A small boat of migrants capsized near beeches of Izmir in which 9 people died along with two under age children, dead bodies discovered by ocean’s guards.

Last week, a harsh incident held in Lesbos when almost 40 migrants along with numerous children babies drown off while trying to cross short sea travel. On Tuesday, 9 migrants drowned near Aegean coast which is close to many European states especially Greek borders.

Turkish beeches’ guards told that only two people rescued because other 9 had been sinked before attempting any safe way.

Few days ago, guards discovered 40 dead bodies included 10 innocent children near Greek island all of these people belonged to many developing countries like Syria, Afghanistan and two more.

Recently, Police also arrested a Turkish man who was blamed about crossing people through ocean waves. Every year, more than one thousand people took death certificates while crossing sea boundaries of another country along with family members but that quantity did not reduce because these people feel bad impressions of unemployment.

Mostly people used Turkish beeches for the purpose of entry in Greece and other developed states. An international European commission put much pressure on Turkish government for arresting all groups who gave wrong offers about better employment to people only for few rupees.

UN spokesman told that round about 46000 people arrived in Greece through ocean wave during 2015 in which almost 800 people dying.

Many Iraqi migrants transferred again their own country by using charter flight used by Belgium authorities.