Military Operations And Drone Strike At Afghanistan 71 Militants killed


At Kabul during the military operations and drone strikes 71 extremist are killed this operation is specially set to kill the extremist who are destroying the peace of the world just for their personal sake now military forces take strong measure to kill these terrorists as these terrorist responsible for all the destruction of peace all around the world.


This operation is done on a very large scale to kill the maximum number of these extremist several drone attacks are done and land operation is also done on a large scale military forces cover the whole area and left no point for the terrorist to leave.

In this attack 71 militants are killed these 71 militants includes 55 militants who are specially trained warriors 5 Pakistani Taliban are also killed in this operation 31 members of Diash are includes in these killed terrorists and 31 Afghan Taliban are also killed.

This is the result of the efforts of soldiers of military forces but 4 soldiers are also killed in this operation this operation is conduct at 5 different provinces of Afghanistan at the same time and military forces not give even a chance to the terrorists belong from different terrorist organization to be stable and fight back.

In this operation 12 members of Diash belongs from different countries are killed as well as 3 small children are also killed in this operation as the intention of military soldiers is to kill the terrorists but 3 children and 6 common people are killed as this operation is performed in the colonies where these terrorist spend their lives with their families.

In injured people 6 women are involved who are the family members of the terrorists but the important thing is that a great number of terrorists is removed from the land.