Mississippi Woman Plead Guilty For Plan To Join ISIS Terrorism Charge


The young lady Jaelyn Delshaun succeeded to get the charge to provide the material support the group of terrorism but she fined up to $250,000 and prison of 20 years.


According to the Court she was arrested in February at the airport when she tried to leave the Columbus, Mississippi by airplane on her way to Syria, she was the daughter of administrator of the School and a police Officer who served his duty in Navy reserve.

More added that she was the student of honor, a good cheerleader and a homecoming maid of “Vicksburg’s Warren Central High School.”

The Prosecutor announce young girl the leader of the whole plot but her fiance Muhammad Dakhlalla pleaded her guilty on March 11, young Jaelyn interested in Islam and soon she was converting to Islam religion, she announced her conversion and began started to wear Burqa.

She said that her fiance families as well as the community where she lived do not like ISIS. ‘I thought they were wrong so I look up the Laws myself and Alhamdulillah [God be praised] Dawlah is correct.’ in her statement a word Dawlah reference to ‘ad dawlah al-islamiyah’ that when translate, it means another name the terrorism groups uses.

According to FBI both are impatient about the passport issued how long, Dakhlallah paid $340 charges to speed up the passport processing on July 1. Yong Jaelyn wrote a letter to home that they do not alert the authorities.

Soon I will contact you, I am safe here and leaving the home to become a good Medic, also added that if her parents tried to search for through authorities they will not be able to see her again in their lives. They both were arrested and punished for 20 year prison with a heavy fine of $250,000.