Model Maria Kukucova Tearfully Witnesses Killing Of Her British Millionaire Beau Three Time


Bikini Model Kukucova shot down her British Millionaire ex-boyfriend in an apartment of Spain, she gunning down her British Millionaire business man for her self defense.


A Slovakian swimsuit model Maria Kukucova has accused for the accidental killing of her ex-boyfriend Jeweler Andrew Bush, she has charged for the death of her millionaire beau at his luxury villa in Spain because she become terrified from her British boyfriend as he had a plan to shoot out her Russian girl-friend. Her lawyer stated in front of Prosecutor that she accidentally killed her boyfriend as she protecting herself.

The 26-years old Russian girlfriend Maria Kukucova has found guilty in the murder of her ex-partner who was a British and a millionaire business man as well, she murdered Jeweler Andrew Bush in year 2014 when the duo arrived at Ciudad de la Justicia in Malaga, Spain villa she not felt herself safe from her 48-years old boyfriend and have a threat to shot down his family member.

The Body of Mr. Jeweler Andrew Bush at private property of Costa del Sol, he shot down three times by her Russian girlfriend Maria Kukucova. Her 26-years old girl friend abandoned a car and dragged her beau body to car and made a way to Hospital but her boyfriend was died after the confirmation of death she with his boyfriend went to Slovakia and handed off herself in front of Police.

Prosecutor charged Russian swimwear model Maria Kukucova that she entered in the Private Villa of British Millionaire Jeweler Andrew Bush in Spain and shoot him twice. First shoot in his arm and then the second one in his head then shifted gun in his hand, she testified that she has no idea how many time she shoot him.

She releases a statement in which she told she only wants freedom from his grasp and didn’t desire to give any harm.