Monster Hurricane Matthew Reaches To Death Toll Of 300 In Haiti


The death toll graph of Haiti rapidly increasing to its peak as Hurricane Matthew batters the eastern end of United States while there are tens of thousands become homeless during its rampage earlier this week.


The powerful storm damaged a lot not only the buildings but the human lives as well, the Monster type Hurricane Matthew has struck with the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast of United Stated in a decade while the death toll continuously uncontrollable.

In one of the US state Haiti, the strongest storm killed around 300 people including men, women and children.

The wildest water storm is on his way of destruction as earlier this week it killed a huge figure or population and thousands left homeless through the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti which is the poorest state of United States.

Before Haiti the deadly Hurricane Matthew lashed the Florida state on Friday however, the information is tickled as most of remote areas were lost land connection previously by storm.

The interior Ministry of Haiti has revealed the death toll is gradually increasing after Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry has taken four days to sum the total deaths as they trying to get access to those areas that are cut off, the transport link of the state also cut off due to which the exact amount of death can’t be explained.

Dead bodies is been started to came off to surface as water recedes but the wildest Hurricane Matthew has smashed the strongest walls, flattened roofless homes and bow down the palm trees.

However, the United States has sent Navy ships to Haiti and other flooded areas with 300 marines along with 250 personnel while the helicopters were already deployed to rescue those area people where land connection cut off.