More 16 Starve To Death In Besieged Syrian Town, Crises Increasing Every Day


Civil war increased lot of crises in Syria; Starve to Death killed almost 16 in Madaya starvation and other problems also increasing many bad effects on public.


According to latest foreign news report, in those days, Many Muslim countries Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are facing civil war in which thousands people died and lot of got serious wounds that fight between terrorists & NATO forces increased Starve to Death in Syria in result of that 16 citizens departed from that life and other 33 are in very serious condition.

A local trust revealed that starvation is the big problem in Syria because economy of that country finished reliability due to severe civil war so, people are dying every day. A 16 years old child named Ali was died in result of Starve to Death then UN and other welfare organization sent two trucks full of food in Syria.

Russian fighter planes and NATO forces are busy in killing ISIS’s militants in which lot of innocent dying but civil war did not take end.

Almost 4 Lac people faced many problems in result of that fight between government & rebel forces and they also want emergency recovery of family members and food.

Syrian government and other international welfare organizations addressed to all high profile personalities about giving lot of food and eatable things for those people who bearing the effects of civil war. Mostly under five years old children are becoming extinct in result of Starve to Death in many cities of Syria.

The best thing is that thousands innocent people departed from th5a life in result of attacks by NATO forces and ISIS and that ratio also increasing on every day.

According to immigration office report, millions were shifted to other European countries for the purpose of safety and employment opportunities for better future of their children.