More Bethesda Games on Way to Release After ‘Fallout 4’


The Bethesda Game Studios developers won million heart with “Fallout 4” which emerged one of the most-liked an action role-playing video game previous year that what forced the Bethesda Softworks to work on more projects to quench its fans thirst for action ventures.


Here comes interesting news for action games lovers, by considering huge successes in past, Bethesda Game Studios decided to roll out more games specifically three new titles which would be most impressive for fans after release.

The director of “Fallout 4” Todd Howard had revealed its plans for upcoming games at the DICE event in Las Vegas as compared to another hit series “Elder Scrolls” and best-selling franchise.

Howard added that he has been working alongside its developers on three crucial longer-term projects whose constructions are being done successfully and would be announced with details in future but surely would be most interesting for fans even to come with something different.

As we all know Bethesda games all renowned just because of its distinctive style, while fans look bit excited to know details about upcoming projects by Bethesda Game Studios which al are on way to them.

Nonetheless, fans also want to Bethesda Game to continue work on their other franchises, while the Bethesda Softworks recently revealed the first of the add-ons for “Fallout 4”: “Automatron,” “Wasteland Workshop” and “Far Harbor.”

These add-ons will be in approach of the users in March, April and May but at various prices. The Maryland based company also has revealed that they have planned numerous things to give bit different than past to its fans even over $60 worth of new ‘Fallout’ ventures and features during 2016.

On the other hand providing of free updates of “Fallout 4” as well as an overhaul of Survival Mode (a game-changing experience) to be continued in future.