More Than 40 Suspected Members Of ISIS Killed In The Military Action In Libya


Member that are killed in Libya most are from the Tunisia, they are gathered in Libya for recruitment in ISIS and they want to serve ISIS and according to the Authority more than 40 are killed in Libya.


Libya: According to the foreign news Agencies more than 40 members of ISIS killed in the Military action in Libya, it is said that they are gathered in Libya to join ISIS as a member to fight against their enemies and they want to serve ISIS.

According to the news agency reported unidentified aircraft near the Libyan capital, 70 kilometers from the Tunisian border to Tripoli, which killed more than 40 people in a house targeted.

They targeted the house and they also stated that the house is destroyed completely in the “Airstrikes”, meanwhile the members that are killed in the Airstrikes were gathered in Libya to join and Serve ISIS and most of the members were from Tunisia.

According to intelligence sources, the authorities are trying to collect information about casualties in the air strikes and about the death of the Noor ud Din Cucan. Noor ud Din Cucan was included in the two Blasts that in Tunisia in July last year in which more than 38 people were killed, he attacked on the tourists in Tunisia.

By these attacks on Tunisia on Tourists in July last year, According to the reports that the tourists activities are so much affected tourists after these attacks were not coming to Tunisia so the news of the Death of Noor ud Din Cucan may the best news for tourists to continue their tourism activities.

it is also a good news for the Authority of Tunisia so Noor ud Din Cucan is died or not It is still to wait.