More Than 48 Prisoners Died in a Jail Riot in Mexico Close to Monterrey


Suddenly a deadliest war started between opponent groups at a jail close to Monterrey in northern Mexico, in which more than 48 prisoners were killed and 12 people injured seriously, local media reported.


However, the latest battling among the prisoners was reported to be one of the worst in a series of deadly riots which rocked in the prison as like this never happened so far.

Nonetheless, while the fight was began late hours of Wednesday night in two parts of the Topo Chico jail between a group of the notorious Zetas gang and another faction, described state Governor of Nuevo Leon, Mr. Jaime Rodriguez.

According to officials, Topo Chico jail known for its poorest security system or said to be ‘time bomb’ so any time can be anything.

It was also explained that the security of the jail can’t give you guarantee of life to any prisoner, while the Governor of Nuevo Leon state himself survived two assassination efforts by resisting the criminals as mayor of a suburb of Monterrey which is a third most populous metropolitan area in Mexico as well the country’s largest corporations are also part of the city.

On the other hand, if we consider the human rights report in 2014, which also indicates Topo Chico’s poorest system caused by violent incidents even members of the Zetas have been ruling in the prison for a long time and known for their brutal acts.

The reports also described the head of Zetas was stabbed to death in the prison in September, while in these riots more than 3,500 prisoners have reportedly been killed so far and series of battling may rise the number next.

Even though the a combination of knives and other objects were part of the latest fight while one of the dead was killed with gunfire.