Mosque In Perth Targeted With A Petrol Bomb 1 Dead Many Injured, Australia


Perth which is a capital of a state at Western Australia there the extremist attack at the mosque with a petrol bomb bus no one is injured or dead in this attack.


On Tuesday evening when hundreds of Muslims are saying their prayers in the mosque than a group of extremists who hates Muslims come outside the most and threw a petrol bomb at the front of the wall of mosque and this attack is done after a lot of planning when extremists observe that Muslims are coming out from the mosque they threw that bomb and run away.

Not even a single person is killed or injured in this terrorist attack as the observation of extremists set wrong that Muslims are coming out but after this attack whole mosque set on chaos and everybody starts running for his life due to this petrol bomb attack a car set on flames standing near to the wall of mosque the condition that car is very bad as due to flame and heat most portion of that was damaged badly.

And other three cars standing along this care also damaged but they in safe condition as compare to this car. These extremists also write against Muslim quotations at the wall of the Islamic collage in Australia.

After all that police is called and the investigation is stared in earlier investigation the bomb was not detected that which type of bomb is this but after some time and after some tests it was confirmed that this bomb use acceleration fuel for that blast and the fuel type is hi speed petroleum.

Police also got a CCTV footage in which three men are running away after throwing this bomb and police dogs are also in the search of these extremist soon these extremist will be arrested.


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