Mother Advertising To Rape Her Youngest 6 Years Old Daughter In America


Marysville: Court punished mother and father for 26 years in the Cell for posting an advertisement to rape their daughter of six years; they also involved the planning in children’s Sex videos.


According to the US Media in the city of capital Washington thirty seven 37 years old women and her fifty seven 57 years old husband posted a shameful aid on the website named as Craigslist which is a website on which things are purchased and sale online.

The both mother and father advertise ‘If someone wants to rape their younger daughter for sake of money he can contact with them and go to their house’’ Police have raided on their house.

During the search, they find some pictures of child abuse and also find a video in which an unknown men come to their house and her mom invited to rape her girl and from the expressions of the girl it is cleared that she was not agree for doing such kind of shameful job and also cleared that the girl is in contestable situation, the police arrested both 37 year mother and 57 year father for the base of these clues.

During the prosecution action on the trial couple it is also discovered that both mother and father also involved in the planning of children’s sex movies, The court punished both mother and daughter for 26 years in the jail and took the children into protective custody.

This type of gangs and peoples are living in United states that have no sense of their child, they ever wanted to do such kind of shameful job, the Court of the United States should present both mother and father and killed in the middle of the road who had no love and patience for their girls.