Murder-Suicide Shooting Rampage Killed 2 People In University Of California


Shooting and murder rampage occurred in University of California, Los Angeles on Wednesday, killed two people while the campus has been shut down for two hours as Police officers respond for tactical gear after reports of shooting.


Los Angeles’ University of California targeted by a murder and suicide shooting on Wednesday that caused the casualties of two people, after police has been reported the campus locked down and searching every building of University to terminate threat.

Police respond in tactical gear when some of university personnel reported them as deadly shooting rampage unleashed in their University.

Charlie Beck, who is the Chief of Los Angeles police interact with Media persons and told, the gun was recovered from the crime scene and there is no counting threats now, the campus of University of California, Los Angeles are now entirely safe as well as Chief of Los Angeles police made confirmation about the murder-suicide attack.

Officials reported back with unhappy news, the two people who were become the target of murder-suicide attack, both were male victims although they didn’t tell further about them. Campus locked down earlier police official running across the entire blocks of University.

The gunman fired suspected in the building of Engineering, police official recovered the gun along with a suicide note as well, shooting created a stir in campus students while the officers in camouflage and tactical gear approached the scene and surrounded the whole campus.

The police official appeared in camouflage uniform with bullet proof vests, heavy rifles and helmets although the officials surrounded the whole building with bullet proof car and a helicopter that continuously clattered in air.

A sophomore economics major, Erica Roberts reported that she took shelter under student health care center for 10 minutes almost when she heard fire sound.