Muslim Boys To Bear $5,000 Fine For Not Shaking Hands With Female Teachers


Northern Switzerland town school officials announce a strict rule for Muslim boys for not shaking hand with female teachers; their parents will have to face a huge amount of $ 5,000 fine as Muslims boys not willingly touch women.


A public School in Northern Switzerland staff released a new rule for Muslim boys who never ever willingly touch the women as their religion not allow them to even capture a glimpse of strange opposite sex.

Regional school authorities after observing the Muslim belief’s dropped an addition of rules for Muslim Boys, newly added news statement read that the Muslim boys will have to share a shake hand with their female teacher.

If they not follow the rule and violate the laws of school their parents should face a huge fine of $ 5,000 dollars. School regional board launched an agenda to ruin the Muslim’s beliefs as their decision came in light because they come to know that Muslims only touch a woman whom they eventually marry.

The addition of ruling come in limelight after a news reported, two of Muslim boys temporarily skipped to touch the strangers due to gender natural region of Islam.

The refusal of Muslim boys from shaking hand with female teacher caused a fierce debate in Switzerland which has a culture of shaking hand with opposite gender. Under the Switzerland’s school board decision, female teachers at school forced the Muslim boys to share a good hand shake with them, Telegraph reported.

School authorities believe their decision did not cause any drawback, while the Central Islamic Council based in Switzerland used to say, the measurement that school board announce will not help integration to Muslim civilized in Europe. The Islamic Council should take a step to resolve out the punishment of Muslim Boys.