Muslim Girl Fired From Job Because Of Wearing Hijab In United States


VIRGINIA: A women is fired from her employment just because of wearing Hijab during performing her duties in a dental clinic but just due to because of Hijab and performing religious activates she was fired on the third day of job.


The name of that lady who is fired for representing her religion is Najaf Khan she is very passionate to become a professional Dentist that why she joined the Fair Oka Dental Care Clinic situated in Virginia at America.

When Najaf Khan is appointed to join the Clinic then this Muslim girl decided to performs her duties by wearing Hijab when Najaf is entered into the Clinic her boss called her in the corner and told her take off all that stuff and makes the environment neutral of Clinic.

As Najaf Khan is a brave and confident she refuses to take off her Hijab and said this straight forward that she will perform her all the duties with Hijab and get back to her work but the boss wants that she work in his clinic with bare headed like others.

Boss of Najaf Khan continuously irritating her for 2 days and on third day he fired and he did not called her into the his office he send the notice to Najaf through mail.

After all this matter this issue rises up that a man fired a Muslim girl just because of wearing Hijab and the notice of this matter is taken by the Council of America Islamic Relations (CAIR) and CAIR called the owner of Fair Oka Dental Care Clinic and told him to call back Najaf Khan this not the reason that is a girl is wearing Hijab you fired her this is totally un logical and a piece of crap.