Navin reveals about contestants of Bigg Boss 10 after expellsion.


Navin reveals about contestants of Bigg Boss 10 after expellsion.
Freshly expelled contender Navin Prakash states his journey of Bigg Boss 10 was an unforgettable one. Navin, who got into the house narrating poetry and coped to mesmerize Salman Khan by means of his small-town buoyancy, completed a 26-day spell in the house. But every day revealed a new face of Navin. It was certainly a variety all the time he spent on show.  He came into the house with one outline to demonstrate that an ordinary man is also a celebrity in himself and can provide a hard contest to others. Amongst every contestant, Navin was the only one who participated in the game sensibly devoid of letting his sentiments comes in his course. He also had the tolerance to deal with Swami Om and was frequently seen counseling him to play fair.
When on Sunday Salman Khan took his name for expelled contestant on “Weekend ka Vaar”, a lot of outside and inside the house felt sorry for him. His close house friends Manveer, Manu, Swami Om and Mona just could not controlled tears. Whereas some considered Navin was a pretty decent player, others stated they were now enjoying his impetuous nature. But it seems that his every day fights and wounded shoulder turned out to be the main reason that he was voted out. In a special chat, Navin got frank regarding his entire Bigg Boss occurrence. Following are the selections from the conference where he exposed plenty more as compared to what we witnessed on show.

“If you do not speak, you are invisible like Karan Mehra and Rahul Dev.”

In the initial week, everybody was in a cheerful mood however when the tasks started, everyone was planning and plotting to come on front. When you observe things that you can’t process, you will absolutely give a response to it and that was when I showed rage. I never responded to irrational things. I got angry to make my team stronger or to suppress other team as that was the requirement of that situation. If you wish to remain missing in times like those, then you are invisible similar to Karan Mehra and Rahul Dev, and when you are visible subsequently you are Navin. So I was struggling to be that one named Navin.


“ Manveer and Manu got more recording though I performed better.”

I performed my best. I sensed throughout weekend episodes, Manveer and Manu happened to obtain more footage other than I performed much better in every task. Every celebrity had their picture already. Manu was in a reality show earlier than this. Manveer contained a good trade name earlier than the beginning of show. And in the middle of all this, I was a small town face. I didn’t have a valiant image. But if you distinguish according to work, I did better as compared to them. Whenever Manveer or Manu said something me to do it was done right away.

“Bani is selfish. She is not worthy to be on that show.”

Bani should not be inside of the house, as during 26 days, scores of her egocentricity was observed. She is selfish. Not on one occasion did she request anyone, whether a commoners or celebrity, if they wish for tea or if they were having their meals or in stress, I on no account saw her feeling concerned for anyone.