Niall Horan Express His Feelings, He Wants To Marry With Selena Gomez


Niall Horan the present One Direction Singer now unleash his feelings as this is not possible for this young artist to put more control over his felling so now when this 22 years old actor opened his mouth he shocks the world as he said that now he wants to marry Selena Gomez.


Niall Horan shocks everybody when he express his feelings for the most famous hollywood singer Selena Gomez this one direction singer confess this that he wants to marry this Gods of Egypt singer in front of James Corden.

During the late night show of Carpool Karaoke session of One Direction everybody is in very enjoyable mood and then the decided to play a loveluy game with this hottest young artist and then they started to play Sleep with marry cruise.

When the game is started this boy singer asked for the option to Horan than Horan presented the name of three hottest and sexiest female artists Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato.

last one is Tina Fey in reply of this question this world famous singer replies that he wants to go on cruise with Demi Lovato as she is gifted with the most melodious voice and we both singing songs together and sleep with Tina Fey but he wants to marry with Selena Gomez.

After hearing this reply of 22 years old singer the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber becomes very happy as she believes that Niall Horan is the only wedding material with all the qualities which she wants to see in her husband.

From past few months the relationship of these two young and hot artist getting very heap and these two are coming closer to each other very fast and they spend a lot of time with each other as much as possible for them to stay connected.