Nicki Minaj Is Finally Free From Drake As She Went Back To Meek Mill


Drake is totally shocked as her Super girl and famous rapper Nicki Minaj now reunited with her boy friend Meek Mill after the separation of just three weeks as Meek is Mortal enemy of Drake.


If the fans of Nicki Minaj were unhappy about the relationship of Nicki and her boy friend meek Mill then it is good news for them because the couple is reunited again after the separation of just three weeks so by their union Drake is totally shocked because he was against the reunion of this couple.

Drake was happy because he was able to break the love relationship between the couple as he officially wanted her free from Meek Mill but unfortunately this not happen so what will Drake do?


The insider told that Drake still believe that Nicki went back to her boyfriend therefore she is now finally free from Drake. According to reports it is been told that Drake said that Meek Mill is the Mortal enemy of him in his life.

As it is again believed by the Drake that she will again separate from him and came back to him but it is also proved that Nicki is not that type of person who will kick out anybody in his worst time so at least she is still hope for Drake.


According to sources that ex boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels told that Drake is only the man who has much time for her therefore he is only able to care his ex woman but Nicki Minaj does not like to be part of Clash between Drake and Meek Mill but according to sources that she is completely behind her man to support her in this respect.

So this relationship is not only challenging for Nicki but also for Drake and Meek Mill.