Nidhhi Agerwal Has To Sign No Dating Clause For Tiger Shroff ‘Munna Micheal’


The Tiger Shroff’s “Munna Micheal” is probably the most sexist contract in Bollywood town yet and an only Nidhhi  Agerwal sign for a no dating clause, the onscreen heroin is barred from barring any contract till end of Tiger Shroff’s production.

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The onscreen actress Nidhhi Agerwal signed a sexist contract you think this news is might be a jolt, it’s sounds offensive but true the Tiger Shroff has roped a Nidhhi Agerwal for his next production and her for no dating clause until his film’s production not finished and possibly the no dating clause might be extended till the film sets.

The gorgeous actress has to play a lead role in Tiger Shroff’s “Munna Micheal”, the dramatic “Munna Micheal” was live on floors last weekend and Nidhhi joining the production team on Saturday.

When the lead role actress asked about her first project in Bollywood the actress revealed she has read the contract and she has no problem with “no dating” clause.

Nidhhi Agerwal reported to a channel, “I had to read it [the contract] twice over to believe it, but I don’t really have a problem. I understand that the intention is that they want 100 per cent dedication from me. Not like I have a life beyond work in any case.”

She added more about the sexist contract of B-town, “My understanding of it is that the makers have included the clause because dating a co-star has become an easy publicity exercise for production houses. It takes the focus away from the film.

Now, I can put my phone away and practice for four hours without worrying about who’s calling me. It is a matter of five-six months and I am okay with it.”

The exclusive Micheal Jackson fan Tiger Shroff’s production “Munna Micheal” has revealed the first look on 3 October.