Nigerian Authorities Decided To Shut Down 20 Mosques 70 Churches And 11 Hotels


Nigerian authority at Lagos ordered to shut down 70 churches and 20 mosques in that region just to reduce the noise pollution at that region because they want to make Lagos free from noise pollution.


Lagos is situated at the south west of Nigeria and it one of the most populated cities in Niger its population is 21 million this large amount of population creates a lot of noise pollution and to comfort this large number of population there are abundant of churches mosques hotels beer bars casinos etc.

These all this creates a lot of noise pollution due to this noise pollution the population of Nigeria is becoming a patient of depression aggression is getting common in peoples no one bears anybody if the situation remains the same at Lagos soon the inhabitants of Lagos will go mad due to depression and aggression mean while there are chances that there is a situation of chaos in Lagos.

After observing all these matters the authority of Nigeria decided to shut down all the extra churches and mosques at the region in this way the reason presented to shut down these holy places are that 5 times a day sound of azan comes out from mosque and this really irritating the public.

Because at the time of first azan most of the public is sleeping on the other side the continuous sound of songs coming out from the church which really trouble the people when this order is applied than the other mosques control the sound of azan.

Under these order 11 hotels including beer bars dance clubs are also closed Nigeria is planning to make Lagos a noise pollution free place till 2020 and it is the first step taken by the authorities.