North Korea Attempts 2 Musudan Missile Launch Experiments


On Wednesday morning North Korea attempted another missile testes first missile was launched on 5:58 am and after 2 two hours of this missile launch the second missile was launched at 8:05 am according to the local time of North Korea.


The missiles launched by Korea are Musudan missile. These missiles are of middle range missile. The range of Musudan missile is 2,500 to 4,000 kilometers. These missiles carry nuclear reactants and basically used in nuclear attacks.

These missiles fired from east coast of North Korean city Wonsan on Wednesday at early morning till now it was not confirmed that these missiles carries nuclear reactants or not or these are just test dummies. North Korea till now don’t reveals any information about their this missile launch program.

The first missile launched by North Korea was crashed after covering a distance of 150 kilometers and this was a failure for North Korea.

After this failure the team which manages these launches fully examines the second missile because they don’t want to take any risk and again show failed experiments to the world.

After the rechecking of second missile the testing team decided to launch it after two hours of first missile.

Second Musudan missile was launched successfully and this missile covers a distance of 400 kilometers than crashed into Sea of Japan.

Testing team of North Korea considered it also a false experiment and not satisfied from this experiment because they are expecting more than that.

This is not for the first time that North Korea faces these types of Failures. The last four missiles experiments are respectively failure for North Korea. It is hope that soon North Korea will be able to perform successful experiments.