North Korea Detains And Expels 3 BBC Journalists For Allegedly “Insulting Dignity” Of Country


BBC Tokyo correspondents Rupert Wingfield-Hayes along with cameraman Matthew Goddard and producer Maria Bryne detained by North Korean official at Pyongyang airport on Friday and expelled on Monday for allegedly “Insulting Dignity” of authoritarian country.


BBC journalists Rupert Wingfield-Hayes along with his team of producer Maria and cameraman detains on Friday as team had allegedly insult the dignity of the country and scheduled to leave on Monday over reporting on the run-up to a rare ruling party congress.

BBC website revealed, journalist Rupert Wingfield-Hayes along with his staff scheduled to leave after accompanying the group of Laureates on a trip of North Korea.

Instead Wingfield-Hayes stopped at airport, detained and questioned for a huge time period. BBC reported, Wingfield-Hayes questioned for almost eight hours alone while the team now has now taken to the airport.

Secretary-general of the North Korea’s National Peace Committee O Ryong Il reportedly said, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes’ broadcast news coverage destroyed country facts and “spoke ill of the system and the leadership of the country”, he added, Wingfield-Hayes wrote an apology thus the whole staff was being expelled on Monday and would never be entered in the country again.

Official News agency of China Xinhua which has a Bureau in Pyongyang released a statement in press conference held by North’s National Peace Committee, Wingfield-Hayes expelled out from country for attacking the DPRK system as well as for non-objective reporting, The DPRK is the acronym of North Korea that stand for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“We are very disappointed that our reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes and his team have been deported from North Korea after the government took offense at material he had filed,” the BBC told in a statement. “Four BBC staff, who was invited to cover the Workers’ Party Congress, remains in North Korea and we expect them to be allowed to continue their reporting.”

However, reports had not been revealed by North Korea’s official but in one of the segment North Korea’s official argued about the video shot of Wingfield-Hayes in front of national founder Kim ll Sung.