North Korea Executed Vice Premier Kim Yong Jin With 2 Other Ministers


North Korea showing no mercy for those who break the country rules and show negative use of their power in this way North Korea killed Kim Yong Jin vice premier in North Korea along with other two other senior officers.


Kim Yong Jin is the chairman of workers party of Korea as well as the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and now this man is the vice premier but now this man is executed with two other seniors’ officers.

Kim Yong Jin was arrest in a case that he was not sitting in the correct posture below his desk as he was dozing while sitting there and at that he is the present in the session of the reclusive country’s parliament.

After observing this bad and arrogant attitude the police of North Korea arrested this leader and star investigating him that what is wrong with him that he is not paying full attention to the conference during this investigation secession an intelligence company present its report that this man is not honest with his country.

He is negatively using its force as well as authority and he continuously using his authority for his personal sake as well as this man Kim Yong Jin is also involved in the cases of corruption and according to the rule book of Korea the only punishment for these crimes is death.

After that he is Kim Yong Jin is announced as Anti-Party, Anti-Revolutionary Agitator and on Wednesday he was killed with him the former Minister of Agriculture of Korea Hwang Min is also executed.

he is also working for his person sake from the platform of government and involved in several corruption cases the last man executed in North Korea was Kim Jong Un in 2011 for the negative use of Power.