North Korea Fires 5 Short-Range Ballistic Missiles into Sea of Japan


On Monday, North Korea has fired five short-range ballistic projectiles into the Sea of Japan from country’s east coast, some minutes after the launch of missiles, the Pentagon confirmed.


The latest chain of actions by the Pyongyang may raise strain on the divided peninsula in recent months, while Pentagon spokesman Bill Urban strictly noticed these projectiles launched by South Korean military heads, saying using ballistic missile technology are a clear violation of various UN Security Council resolutions.

Urban also added that Pentagon has requested North Korean to avoid from these kind of actions because it may rise strain in the region, should pay complete attention instead on taking actual steps toward fulfilling its international commitments and responsibilities.

The Yonhap News Agency first announced about the five short-range ballistic projectiles launching, while Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea stated that these actions were carried out from the city of Hamhung located in northeastern North Korea.

Chiefs of Staff also explained missiles traveled about 125 miles before landing onto water bed, therefore the warning has been submitted to North Korean authorities to avoid by the South Korean regime otherwise results might be worsen in coming days.

However, North Korean has been trying to express their rage since the South Korea-U.S. military drills commenced which are yearly based military exercises but N-Korean has taken it in wrong way even the latest launches are believed to be response to continued S-Korea-U.S drills.

North Korean have carried out multiple short-range missiles and artillery shells into sea since previous two weeks even threatened pre-emptive nuclear attacks against Seoul and United States.

However, Washington and South Korean’s military exercises are the largest ever which was began after the N-Korean’s nuclear experiments and long-range rocket fire at start of the 2016.