North Korea Introduced First Explode Of Hydrogen Bomb In Front Of World


The scientific department of North Korea last day claims it tested the first blast of Hydrogen bomb after a long time for the purpose of improving defense system.


According to a news report, today in whole world all developed countries also took many harsh steps toward nuclear power. A small state named North Korea obtained a big success on last day in which they introduced first detonation of a harsh Hydrogen bomb.

Foreign ministry of North Korea also presented a big claim in front of world media about taking a huge success in nuclear programs in shape of making a Hydrogen bomb but many countries did not accept that explosion.

Super power of world named America also applied a long ban on Iran about introducing any nuclear energy but now a small state of the world North Korea made a big hydrogen bomb that has high magnitude energy and equal to US Hiroshima weapons.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended a ceremony in which he claims to introduce a big revolution in field of atomic power that’s why previous day he was completed the first experience of Hydrogen bomb in front of whole world for the purpose of producing defense system.

Many years back, a big nuclear attack introduced by America on Japan’s two famous cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in result of that these two were completely destroyed and took long time for recovery of that loss.

All people of North Korea also excited about that huge success in shape of a fantastic Hydrogen bomb. Recently, young leader Kim Jong-un has took satisfaction in the field of nuclear power because he developed a thermonuclear weapon for the purpose of making strong defense system.

Leader also hopeful about his scientific department who are trying to produce much nuclear energy for their country.