North Korea Launches First Satellite Long-Range Rocket, US And Neighbors Anger


North Korean scientific department launched first long range satellite rocket in to space and government also officially confirmed that achievement, United States and other neighbor countries also anger about developing missile programs.


Missile technology is increasing day by day in whole world, last day; North Korean scientist introduced a successful experiment in shape of launching first satellite in to space and increased defensive power and finally, achieved a big success in atomic, America and other fellow citizen countries did not like that achievement.

According to a tech news report, first satellite rocket launched around at 9:00 P.M. in a southward trajectory follow the competitive planning and flashing pictures taken by a camera situated in China’s border along with North Korea that satellite having superiority over many other production featured orbiting the earth and a senior government official told that North will introduce another satellite rocket near in future.

Prime Minister of North Korea Kim Jong-un also celebrated his country’s big achievement in atomic field as Pakistan, America, China and other atom holding countries and told that we are trying to increase safety of our people, rocket experiment only for peaceful purposes but reality is different because they frightened from US and South States.

Recently, North Korea celebrated the birthday of Kim Jong-un in shape of making hydrogen bomb experiments and increased their defensive power. Iran also wants to do long range missile experiments near in future and ignored all restrictions about defensive weapons imposed by United Nations and America.

International Maritime Organization firstly revealed a report in which they received a shipping threat from North Korea intended to launch an observation satellite in to space.

The best thing is that UN resolutions also forbid to that nation about using and checking missile technology but that experiment notified by officials and may be any step will take by UN.