North Korea Successfully Fires 2 Ballistic Missiles, Officials says


SEOUL: North Korea again fired two Ballistic Missiles on Wednesday morning after this experiment of Ballistic Missiles South Korea and United States criticize this experiment by using harsh words instead of appreciating North Korea.


These two Ballistic Missiles are fired from the western city of North Korea Hwangju this city is situated in the northern province of South Korea Hwanghae according an official report this is one of the successful experiments of North Korea.

The rout of these two mid range Ballistic missiles is that they fly over the whole North Korea and then finish their journey into the Sea of Japan these Missiles shows great performance as they successfully covers a distance of 621 miles which is equal to 1,000 Km and did not blast in the way just like previous Missiles test.

As now North Korea is happy after performing these successful experiments but South Korea along with United States are criticizing these test by using harsh words and these two are totally in aggressive mood that why North Korea attempt this experiment.

Joint Chief of Staff of South Korea said that these missiles are fired form Hwanghae province which is situated in North Korea and it is on a distance of 37 to 43 miles or of 30 to 70 Km from Hwangju.

Further includes that the neighbor country of South Korea performing Ballistic Missiles experiments after few days and these activities of North Korea are totally violation of United Nations Rules.

On the other side Minister of Defense of United States also criticizing these Missiles attacks in harsh words and said that North Korea is on its way to start a nuclear war and Washington knows well how to protect itself along with all its allies.