North Korea Threatens United States, United Kingdom And South Korea For Nuclear Strike


The threaten of Nuclear Strike to South Korea and United States has joined the military first time South Korea, UK and US for military drill to encounter North Korea’s nuclear threat.


The wicked country North Korea has threatened three countries this time including boundary rival South Korea and two other that are United Kingdom and United States, N. Korea has intimidated the countries that it turned their armies to heap of ashes by a powerful nuclear attack.

To overcome the threaten from rival country North Korea, United States, United Kingdome and South Korea has gearing up first ever largest military drills jointly in November.

The troops of United States and South Korea will gear up the joint military drills on a very large scale on Monday; they will be done these large scale military exercises in an annual test of their defense from bully country North Korea which called to release nuclear strikes to convert Seoul in heap of ashes.

However, in the start of this week United States and South Korean military has conducted a joint drill in the Sea of Japan. The United States and South Korean Air Force said the large joint military exercises will be conducted from 4th November to 10th November.

The Joint Military exercises in annual test for defense will 75,000 military soldiers in which around 50,000 soldiers are from South Korean Military while the rest of 25,000 troops belong to United States Military; the best thing of the soldiers is that they are completely defensive in nature.

The wicked country North Korea not only threaten the UK, US and South Korea but it has running different kind of activities as it used to send UAV drones to South Korea to create violence but now they are establishing a laser defense system to bring down these drones.