North Korea to Stop Nuclear Tests if US Halts South Korean Military Drills


North Korea may stop its nuclear tests if the United States halts its annual military drills alongside South Korea in their homeland, Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong of NK stated by addressing news reporters.


He also explained that International sanctions cannot frighten N-Korea because they have everything to defend its nation as well also have the right to maintain a nuke limits but its rivals have to consider its boundaries.

Su Yong added saying if any nation waiting for government to fall down so they are at wrong point because NK is not an ordinary or weaker nation who has power to tackle any risk.

Foreign Minister said in previous a Western news organization, held firm to Pyongyang’s long-term status as United States of America established his nation building up nuke armaments with goal of self-defense.

North Korean authorities appear to be totally against US army exercises alongside its partner Seoul but if they end it so tensions would surely be reduced as well as door would also be opened to negotiation.

However, the senior leader on NK has also clearly warned South Korean and US to avoid raise tensions because their moves are clear indications of future conflict which may lead to very disastrous outcome, added describing results would surely affect not only two nations as well as other countries too.

At the stage, United States has to move back by withdrawing aggressive policy against North Korea because the military drills in the Korean Peninsula, has been fueling tensions between both nations.

United States and an East Asian nation on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula both have to understand the critical condition because sit may lead to worsen results as well other nearest nation may also experience bad time.