North Korean Test Isn’t A Hydrogen Bomb, Revealed United States Officials


The United States officials have announced the latest North Korean an explosion was not a hydrogen bomb as initial test results proved.


The United States officials and included seismic activity, both conducted initial examination of the tests that demonstrates the experiments had a nuclear weapon production in the single-digit kilotons, though the North Korean government has claimed days ago that these are hydrogen bomb tests.

If latest reports are to be believed the current tests were same like the past North Korean nuclear tests, as last test was done in 2013, whereas the latest explosions were not hydrogen bomb.

Nonetheless, the local North Korean news agencies have called it successful tests today.

On the other hand, Mr. Josh Earnest who is a spokesperson for White House expressed his views in a news conference some hours ago, stated that the latest North Korean tests have made wrong the government claim for hydrogen bomb experiments as it wasn’t like that.

Senior United States officials also described that the North Korean explosion timing was surprising even they launched this experiment at the North Korean nuclear test location that was discovered in December month.

However, one of the US officials claimed regarding the initial determination of the tests as it was formed immediately as the North Korea’s government has claimed for its abilities to launch hydrogen bomb tests on short notice.

When it comes to North Korean claims for it’s successfully experiments of Hydrogen Bomb, though North Korean Supreme Leader of North Korea Mr. Kim Jong Un has reportedly signed bomb test approval.

After examining the tests’ reports, US officials has clearly announced these discovered to be missile tests but it cannot be said it a hydrogen bomb.