North Korea’s Attempt To Launch Missile Apparently Fails


North Korea struggled for few years to launch a missile at last North Korea was looking to successfully launched missile from its east coast but all attempts become null and, North Korean Military official still confident to make it possible soon.


North Korea’s Military officials’ attempt apparently fails when it officially launched a missile from its east coast Seoul early on Tuesday; an anonymous official reported the launch of missile took place around 5:20 a.m. according to Seoul time, the official refused to elaborate more.

North Korea had attempted several times to launch a successful missile but their struggle ever failed and today’s failure of missile launch is the latest in the whole string as North Korea tries to advance its nuclear weapons.

The chief of public affairs for the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) Jeon Ha-gyu released a statement, “Our military has maintained readiness as (we are) bracing for possibilities of additional provocations,”

If reports of Local media are to be believed, it hinted about the massiveness of missile, the latest failed missile was of intermediate range if it confirmed it would be the forth Masudan missile that failed today early in the morning.

The only major ally of North Korea, China has asked North Korea for cessation of any activity that can exacerbate any kind of tension but the situations of peninsula sensitive and complex.

Last few months have been contentious enough for North Korea because North Korea claimed to test its nuclear missile as well as also claimed to send its satellite into orbit and test its first hydrogen bomb.

These two actions violated the several resolutions of United States Security Council, earlier this month the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong-un held military summit with South Korea to ease tensions.