Norway Helicopter Crash: Emergency Services Discover 11 Bodies Near Bergen


Helicopter crashed in west of the Norway city of Bergen, Emergency Services have discovered about eleven dead bodies though thirteen people were on board, authorities told media.


Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority said in statement that “Eurocopter” is a name of crashed made by a subsidiary of plane-maker Airbus, those were on board, one British and one Italian was of them though no survivors have been reported so far.

However, Emergency Services have been seeking the remaining two passengers since the crash occurred, while were eleven passengers were Norwegian on board, the Rescue Coordination Centre for Southern Norway’s a spokesman told media.

On other side, the UK Foreign Office has confirmed the death of a Briton who was among about 11 people killed when the Airbus EC225LP aircraft that also has another name the ‘Super Puma’, fell down close to the city of Bergen, on southwestern coast side of Norway.

After the incident the UK CAA said in report saying to halt any commercial passenger flights by UK operators flying the Airbus EC225LP helicopter. The Norwegian CAA took the sudden action even no order doesn’t affect to search and rescue flights.

The Norwegian authorities would investigate the airbus crash as a Norwegian helicopter was part of the unexpected accident that left reportedly eleven passengers dead, while it also said in statement that if authorities need help or assistance, they will surely ask.

The Airbus EC225LP aircraft has been completely destroyed in the crash that took place in the North Sea, told Morten Kronen, a spokesman from Norway police.

Nonetheless, the Civil Aviation Authority said in report that maintenance servicing delayed more than one time of the ‘Super Puma’ which supposed to be cause behind the crash.

The rotor of Airbus EC225LP aircraft was spotted flying away from the helicopter before its crash in the North Sea, an eyewitness told Norwegian media.