Nuclear Terrorism Concerns Loom Over Obama’s Final Atomic Summit Meeting


U.S president Barack Obama final meeting to lock down the all Insecure atomic materials all over the world that seems to have lost momentum for the reason of rise in Nuclear Terrorism.


Barack Obama the president of United State attend the Summit meeting of National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin in the city of Georgia Atlanta on 29 March 2016, Obama convene the leaders of more than fifty countries of Washington for his final and forth Nuclear security summit conference this week in Washington, this is a high level diplomatic mission that was started and will become reach the destination till end to the month of March 2016.

Vladimir Putin the Russian president apparently seems to unwilling, boycotted the United state gathering when tension between Moscow and Washington in increased, the meeting will issue the major results, fuelled by the military attack in Brussels.

It is also concerned that the Islamic state will eventually target the Nuclear power plant and produce and develop some type of ‘Dirty bombs.’

According to the Belgian media, two suicide bombers shoot the daily routine of Belgian Nuclear Research and attack to the nuclear area, U.S military get the nuclear weapon components from which it is easy to acquire the ingredient that can be used in the small dirty bombs, would be valuable to disperse the radioactive material and sow panic.

The officials of United State show their doubt about Islamic State that controls the large swathe of Iraq and Syria which was interested to get the radioactive material but the Authorities of United State present that they have no explicit indication that they ever tried to do such kind of action.

It will look like that the summit will distract about the reach the final decision in Washington by reason of absence of one of the biggest atomic Power Russia.