Obama Confesses Sinless Civilian Killings by Drone Attacks


United States of America has been trying to remove terrorism in several nations for decades in the world but unfortunately drone left uncounted people dead in Muslim countries, President Barack Obama confessed.


American President admitted during a news conference Friday at the end of a nuclear security summit in Washington, held to brought together world leaders to fight against Islamist militant organization that may launch soon nuclear attack as threatened.

However, Obama also explained that with help of supporters, US remained successful to resist Islamist militant organizations in several war-torn nations such as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others.

After the deadliest bombings at Brussels Zaventem airport and a metro station in the center of the Belgian capital, United States decided to bring together world leaders vowing to stop the access of nuclear weapons of Islamic State who has threatened for nuclear attacks in future.

Despite of long times efforts of American authorities and its partners removing militants from the war-torn nations, Middle East based one of the most Islamist organizations Islamic State in Syria-Iraq in acquiring a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb composed of radioactive materials, Mr. Obama described at the end of summit.

United States president admitted talking to reporters that use of drone strikes in war-torn Muslim nations left numerous innocent people but security forces just want to target the fighters who hidden himself among the sinless people keeping them safe and secure.

Nonetheless, US confessed they are responsible killings of civilians who were killed which shouldn’t have been.

It was assessed that if the world leaders didn’t take crucial decision at this stage as attacks in Paris and Brussels By Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group have spread wave of fear in Europe, America as well as in other countries who have joined the campaign of US against the terrorism.