Obama Urges More Cooperation To Stop Fanatical Terrorists Access To Nuclear Material


United States President Barack Obama urged all nations to support against the terrorism as Islamist fighters threatened to launch a nuclear attack that would actually change our world.


US President added during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, all nations have taken extensive measures to impossible nuclear terrorism though the one of the most dangerous Islamist fighter organization Islamic States is reportedly on way to buy nuclear weapon which would be greatest threats to worldwide security.

However, senior leaders from over 50 countries attended the summit that held in Washington. The conference brought together world leaders in Washington for expressed concern about, North Korea’s nuclear armaments program but Russian leaders remained absent in this special meeting.

American President expressed concern that Moscow has been building up its military at the price of nuclear weapons decreases, while President Vladimir Putin was also invited to be a part of the Nuclear Security Summit but didn’t reveal why refused to join the conference against possible nuclear attacks in future.

On the other side American authorities had also invited Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in this world leaders’ meeting but regrettable bombing incident Lahore became the only reason of visit cancellation though both absent nations are nuclear-armed.

At the end of the Nuclear Security Summit, world leaders determined to fight proliferation because they all want international security although Obama referred movement in making large fractions of the world free of nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, South American had already accomplished this but South East Asia and Central Europe both were expected to achieve coming months.

United States president also stated in spite of increases, the Korean peninsula and Indian subcontinent were areas where more could be carried to battle spread. All nations struggling to make impossible bad intentions of terrorists which may be huge loss for the world.