Oklahoma Mother And Her Real Daughter Married Each Other Face Incestuous Charges


A mother and her daughter from the American State Oklahoma have faced Prosecution after incestuous marrying each other, as this mother has also married her son in 2008 and did it again now.


It is reported that a mother and her biological daughter from American State Oklahoma married each other have faced incestuous charges. Police of this area have issued the arrest warrants against 43 years old mother named as Patricia Ann Spann and her 25 years old daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann as after discovering that they have married each other in March of this running year.

So this incident of mother and daughter married relationship has been uncovered by the Child welfare investigation department last month by also telling that this mother Patricia has also married to her son 8 years ago in 2008 so her son had filed an annulment about 15 months of their incestuous marriage by him and according to affidavit that he has married his birth mother some years ago.

So after this incident, Patricia said that she had lost the custody of her three children some years ago as they are carried by their grandparents but she again meet with her daughter two years ago as she married her daughter that no one can separate her daughter from her. She also claimed that she has no knowledge about the laws in this situation.

Therefore she has no knowledge that she is breaking any rule in this regard by marrying Misty who is her real daughter; she further said that her name is also not written on the birth certificates of her children so this mother and daughter charged $10,000 with ten years of jail because blood relatives marriage is prohibited in this State of America.