On Wednesday India Launches Twenty Satellites In One Rocket Successfully


India has successfully launched 20 satellites in one rocket on Wednesday early morning. It is for the first time successfully launched a huge number of satellites in just one rocket.


On Wednesday at 9:26 am according to local time where GMT is .56. A polar vehicle PSLV – C 34 is used in this gigantic operation.

In these 20 satellites 3 belongs to India and other 17 satellites belongs to Germany, United States, Indonesia and some gadgets of Canada.

The heaviest satellite loaded in this rocket belongs to United States and its weight is 1700 kg. The owner of this 1700 kg satellite is Google.

The purpose to send this heavy satellite in outer space is that Google wants clear and high definition pictures and videos of different and mysterious portions of earth.

The crucial weight gadget is of Canada and its weight is just 1.5 kg. Canada don’t clear that what is the use of this gadget it just says that it is essential and private gadget.

India is now the third country in the world which sends a large number of satellites in outer space before India United States send 29 satellites in one rocket at year 2013 this whole operation was organized and performed under the guide line of NASA. Before United States Russia send 33 satellites in a single rocket into outer space at year 2012.

The 33 satellites send by Russia is a world Record till now no country was able to beat this record after that United States is on 2nd rand now comes India. India itself made a world record by performing this task. India is sending satellites in outer space since 1999.

When this launch operation started everything was displayed live from launch to separation of satellites and gadget from rocket. Management team was very nervous but when this operation was completed everyone feels relax.


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