Once Again The Semi Nude Bathroom Selfie Of Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowski


Model Emily Ratajkowski stripped of again in her selfie with the reality TV Star Kim Kardashian shared earlier of March photoshopped by black bar to cover up the ample breast.

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Kim Kardashian is an American Reality Television actress, businesswomen and also a model, gained fame by friendship with Paris Hilton but after some time she received wider sex tape leaked in 2007 with her former friend Ray J, she is a highly paid television personality in 2015 while the total earning of her is $53 million US dollars.

Early of March Kim Kardashian one more time posted a nude selfie but this time with her friend Emily Ratajkowski, both are posed in a mirror of bathroom and wearing nothing on their bodies except.

he trousers, more is that they edit their nude photo and strategically placed a black bar to cover some of the breast portion to copy the shameful personalities, aim to show that they does not care about the other for that kind of their shameful antics.

These shootouts cause a stir on world level, also become the reason of debate that whether the women should show their nude bodies or not. Emily shared the selfie on Instagram and posted a status.

‘However, may be our bodies are sexual, we need to enjoy the freedom as women when and how we can show our sexuality.’ Also stated, ‘we just more than our bodies, but it does not mean that we should feel shame for our bodies.’

Emily Ratajkowski is an American actress as well as a model born in London bur raised in America gained famous after the appearance in ‘Blurred Lines’ music video she had a controversial issue about its nudity, the theme of this is the sexual degradation and sexual freedom.