One Teen Girl Killed, 3 Injured Result of Shooting in Oakland Street


In Oakland a teen girl was killed and other 3 were injured badly in result of firing by an unknown person in the street of Oakland.


The girl who died in that incident was just of 16 years old and she was died on the spot.

This incident was happen on 5:41 at Franklin Street # 13 it was in downtown. The victims of that incident are just of middle teen age boys and girls they are all in early 20s.

Than police arrive on the spot and reported that the teenagers were in street # 13 and the shooter was in street # 14 there is a distance of a block between the shooter and victims of this incident.

In latest investigation police said that there are 6 teenagers but after that it was confirmed that there are only 4 teenagers and they were wondering in the streets.

Police found no witness of that incident because at that time whole street was sleeping when people comes in their windows and witness the scene the shooter was vanished and the victims were screaming due to pain.

In further investigation police said that the shooter was a professional and he uses a sniper gun to target these teenagers.

One girl was died on the spot and other 3 were injured badly and shifted to the hospital in these injured teen one was in very critical condition and doctors said that there is no chance that she stayed alive on the other side the 2 other victims are out of danger but injured badly.

There is a police was saying that till now they were unable to find any reason behind this blind shooting but there is a chance that it was connected with that memorial day incident.