Opposition Demanding Resignation Of Prime Minister David Cameron Over Panama Papers


British Prime Minister David Cameron got offshore profit from offshore companies recorded in Panama Law Firm document, the opposition continuously demanding resignation of PM David Cameron.


The British Prime Minister David Cameron lost his trust in public, now the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn who belongs to the labour party reacted against Minister and ask him to resign from the post of Prime Minister because now he is lost the ability to be the British Prime Minister, he got financial advantage from offshore companies, According to the British media.

Jeremy Corbyn added that Prime Minister mislead his whole public by getting economic benefits from offshore companies, labour party will protest against PM David Cameron for doing such a shameful wrong doing in front of Downing Street, the issue of Panama Paper document will bring in Parliament and clarify all allegation of Panama leaks. On the other side, PM has said all things he owned are officially authorized.

David Cameron said, he had not revealed offshore investment because he just wanted to defend his father reputation, earlier he said offshore business was not been owned by him, his late father involved in these offshore companies.

It will be clear in our mind that some public figures and Politician tried to increase their wealth by offshore companies but Panama leak document from law firm exposed all names included the name of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

He admitted that before the leadership of Prime Minister he owned offshore company that was on the name of his father but he gets the benefit from company, however he sold the company for thirty thousand Pounds in 2010 and now he have no offshore shares and not received any type of financial gain.

Panama Paper has shaken the world after leak of such a document that includes all powerful and public personalities.