Overview Of Whole Terrorist Activity Performed At Hotel In Bangladesh, 26 People Are Killed


At Dhaka in Bangladesh terrorist attacks at Holey Artisan Bakery café which is situated in Gulshan at Embassy area this is mostly used by forgers very few Bangladeshi citizens use this hotel during a regular evening when everything is going on as per routine.


Than a group of terrorist is entered at the hotel and makes all the costumers’ hostage’s people tried to save their lives some are successful in this effort but mostly the costumers are stuck in the hotel and begging for their lives but terrorists are not listening to them.

At that time police is informed about this terrorist activity than police along with security forces and armed forces evacuate the area and make a protection circle around the hotel so no one can enters in that circle and no one can even cross this circle.

During all that time hostages are in great fear and making noise to release them when the terrorist are sick from all that they started killing the hostages during this time police tries to talk with the terrorist but all the tries to save the hostages are getting fail one after another.

This whole struggle to save the hostages and terrorist is continued for 11 hours at the end when police and army forces observed that there is no chance of conversation they opened their fires.

In this effort and act of valor 2 police officers have lost their lives to save the lives of hostages on the other side 6 terrorists are killed as these terrorists are fully trained soldiers and having AK 22 guns one of the terrorist is kept alive by the police.

In the rescue operation 13 hostages are alive and 20 are dead in these dead hostages 9 belongs from Italy 7 from Japan 1 from India and one is US citizen having Bangladeshi nationality.

Among these dead 11 are male and 9 are female hostages. This terrorist attack really disturbs the circle of trade and visitors at Bangladesh.