Pakistan Government Lifts Ban On Youtube After Three Years


Islamabad: Pakistan Government imposed ban on famous entertainment site named YouTube before three years but now, authorities lifted that disallow from internet.


According to a news report, three years back in Pakistan, YouTube faced a long ban imposed by Government in result of showing illegal online material. Lot of people took lot of loss when site did not open but now, big video sharing site able to easy access within next 24 hours.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s spokesman attended a press conference in presence of internet developers in which he elevated ban on YouTube because now, PTA imposed many restrictions about showing unpleasant data for consumers.

YouTube is one of the most seeing entertainment sites in whole world along with Dailymotion, Facebook and Twitter. Few years back, PTA shut down that amusement for the purpose of decreasing many illegal views and information. Every independent country has own suitable limitations on internet.

In those days, Pakistan and other Muslim countries faced big problem of terrorism for last 15 years and militant groups took lot of help of YouTube for the purpose of sharing their statements and challenges.

This site closed his video sharing facility on 18 September 2012 in Pakistan.

Presenter of PTA named Khurram Mehran told in future, if internet consumers will make bad use of that site, Government also has option of shutting down of YouTube again. Internet controllers also introduced many suitable functions in new launching of that site.

New homepage of that site is selected by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and that will be launched within few hours and all people able to make easy access. Millions are using that site for the purpose of earning and sharing their experiences in front of whole.

Now, people also excited about new use of YouTube for solving their problems on internet.