Pakistan Should Have To Pay Full Payment For Fighter Jets F-16, No Subsidy


The US state Department said on Monday, if Pakistan wants to continue the deal of fighter jets F-16 then Pakistan has to put forward its national fund, while the subsidy announced in Budget of Pakistan cancelled.


Few days earlier, United States Congress block funding Pakistan for purchasing eight fighter super sophisticated jets F-16, US president Obama asked Pakistan due to the order of congress that United States had not given any subsidy to Pakistan and if Pakistan wants to hand shake and continue with former deal it has to pay double the payment that Pakistan earlier commitment.

US State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters of Daily News conference on 2nd May, while US congress approved the sale of fighter jets to Pakistan but it has some objections that if Pakistanis who interested to by super sophisticated jets will have to put forward it’s national funds.

On February 11, 2016 US congress had informed by state department of United States that Pakistanis had different determination for purchasing of eight fighter jets.

The eight fighter jets F-16 that earlier done to sale on $ 270 million dollars now after termination of their deal of subsidy, if Pakistan stick with the deal will have to make full payment of around $ 700 million dollars.

However, a statement comes in light by anonymous who is the current official of US congress that, US president still in favor of Pakistan to sell out fighter jets to Pakistan and also argued with the member of US congress.

According the sources, the move of purchasing eight fighter jets were opposed by Pakistan opponent Indian government and summoned by US ambassador of India Richard Varma.

Indian government had conflict with Pakistan thus India broadcast rumor news in air that Pakistan would use these fighter jets against India and not against terrorist.